Winning w/ the Instagram Algorithm – 055

Instagaram algorithm is a set of numbers and computer coding that somehow every instagram experts claim that they know but no one knows what it really is. All we can do is to experiment and figure out what works best on Instagram.

Here are 3 steps to follow to be successful with the Instagram algorithm:

1. Before you post your picture, type your caption, tag all the people in your photo including yourself, select a thumbnail if its a video, set your location on every post, have an engaging question or at least a reason why people should engage, encouraging or having a call to action in your post increases your likelihood that people will do the said action. Also, make sure to have your list of hashtags ready and copied. Once you post your photo, immediately comment your list of hashtags to it.

2. Head straight to Instagram story and let people know that you’ve posted a picture and why they should check it out.

3. Staying extremely engaged. You should like every single comment and reply to every comments. It’s also better to start a conversation in the comment section because the longer the comments are, the more you will do better on Instagram algorithm.

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