What you NEED to Know about your Instagram Account – 026

INSTAGRAM INSIGHTS – Aside from personal posts, Instagram offers a free business profile that features  “Insights” which provides an actual analytics if your Instagram account. It provides you the actual numbers of your viewers action on your Instagram. It also provides you the demographics, which can help you  in planning the posts which can give your business the highest impact. 

Here are definition of terms which are used in IG Insights :

  1. Impressions – the total number of times all your post has been seen.
  2. Reach – the number of unique accounts that has seen your posts.
  3. Profile views – the number of times your profile has been viewed.
  4. Website clicks – the number of taps on your website link in your profile.
  5. Call clicks – the number of taps in your call button.
  6. Email clicks – the number of taps in your email button. 


      By reviewing your Instagram Insights, you can study your future posts, scheduling the best time you can post and chose the best one that can achieve the maximum impact on your viewers. These insights can be crucial information the future strategy you are going to execute in your Instagram business profile. 


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