What to Post on Instagram in 2017 – 016

There are Three Kinds of Posts that You can Post to Your Feed:

  • Traditional photos
  • Videos
  • Carousel (allows you to select up to ten photos and video. It can be both photos and videos and it will post as one single post so people can swipe to the right to the left as if it was one post with one caption)



Photos – Gets the highest amount of feed and the highest amount of impressions.

Reach –  When our post gets into many different people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve seen it, they’ve liked it or they’ve commented on, it just means that it has reached their feed.

Impressions – When your post actually reaches someone and then they see it. So, they don’t even have to like it, but just viewing the post counts.


This is important to note because the more people who are seeing or have the possibility of seeing your post, the more likely they are to also see your profile and follow you.


Carousels – Second highest is Carousels because it’s one of Instagram’s new features.


Videos – Videos do the worst when it comes to making impressions or reaching new people but they get high engagement and that’s what we ultimately want on Instagram.


Stats About Specifically What You Should Be Posting

  1. Posts with an actual human face, especially if it’s making eye contact with the camera.  Those posts do thirty-eight percent better engagement than if there isn’t a human in it.
  2. Posts with big backgrounds rather than cluttered posts or tight backgrounds have twenty nine percent higher engagement.
  3. Posts that are lighter perform twenty-four percent better than posts that are darker.


What Day Should You Post

  1. Wednesday – The most frequent day of the week for Instagram posts.It’s a good thing and a bad thing if you want to post on a Wednesday.

Good – more people will be on Instagram so they’re more likely to see your post.

Bad – It’s more crowded.Your post is more likely to just get lost in the shuffle with all the other posts.

  1. Sunday – The day that there are least active people are on Instagram and there are the least amount of posts to the Instagram feed. You’re going to have more people potentially viewing your posts on Sunday.

Post 3 times a day – Morning, noon and night. Some people check in their mornings before they go to work, some people check on their lunch break and a lot of people check in the evenings.

5:00 – 7:00 PM – the most active time for Instagram users it’s when your post is most likely to be engaged with. Keep one of your three posts in that five to seven P.M. hour and play around with it to see which post performs better and continue to adjust and tweak.


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