Take Better Instagram Photos: How To – 028

11 Tips on How to Take Better Photos

  1. Rule of thirds – Pictures are most visually appealing and exciting when adhering to this rule!! Rather than putting the focal point of the picture in the middle of the frame, consider positioning it at the intersection of the grid! See example:

  1. Change your environment – getting out into nature is a great way to add excitement!
  2. Use a tripod or prop your phone up – use your timer to take a photo or  invest in a remote!
  3. Use an editing app – filters, settings tweaks, or any additional simple fixes can improve your photos dramatically.
  4. Use portrait mode rather than landscape. (keep your phone vertical)
  5. Depth of Field – this is basically creating a blurry background so you can focus more on the subject!
  6. Plan!! – planning ahead of time allows you to put more thought into your photos!
  7. Get inspired! – explore other apps like pinterest, instagram, or even google images and other sites. Do not be afraid to mimic your inspirations!
  8. Never Forget Lighting! – adjust your phone’s focus and exposure in accordance to your lighting background.
  9. Take more than what you think you need! – taking a lot of photos and storing them for future purposes or just simply so that you can chose the best among them.
  10. Allow more free space in the background. Studies have shown that pictures with an open background perform better on IG!


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