Starting Out on Instagram – 043

Starting off your Instagram on the right note can ensure future success. Here are 5 Strategies you need to deploy to start on Instagram

1. You need to have 9 pictures posted before you do anything – make sure that those photos are related to your brand or whatever your theme that you’ll have on Instagram in the future.

2. Follow top users on your niche – engaging with and following some other top followers in your target market is a great way grow your audience.

3. You need to be consistent – let your followers know you show up. You need to grow your post count, consistently posting at least twice a day.

4. Begin to like and comment on potential followers’ post – it’s not necessarily famous people or those on top of your niche but people who are doing well in this target market.

5. Have a giving mentality – focus on giving away valuable content and don’t ask anything from your followers.

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