Social Media FAQs with Chalene Johnson – 010

Chalene Johnson answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media, in this episode!

Some tips she shared:

  • Have one common name across all Social Medias
  • Create a username with longevity
  • All accounts should be converted to Business Pages!
  • Purchase a course if you want to get serious about Facebook ads
  • Only share only native content on Facebook
  • Shorter is better, expect when its a Live Broadcast
  • Scheduling posts perform worse than uploaded posts
  • Snapchat is better for engagement and getting peoples attention
  • “Post it if its is valuable” – in regards to separating business and personal life
  • No selfies
  • No Quote posts
  • Don’t just copy what popular accounts are doing
  • Peoples Favorite Posts (from a poll of 3000 Instagram users): recipes, muscle specific workouts, beautiful vacation photos

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