Snapchat Map – 002

The Snapchat Map! This new, fun, and definitely creepy update to Snapchat offers users a unique, live look at where all of their digital-friends are.

This update of Snapchat can be very dangerous! One youtube even did an experiment to show how easy it would be to track down a total stranger! This was scary! If you have children on Snap, or if YOU are on snap and don’t want to be potentially stalked, you need to turn off the ability to be seen by your friends!

You can view the Snap Map by pinching your fingers together while on the main camera screen on Snapchat.

Anyone who adds you on snap and you add them back will be able to see your location. If someone adds you, but you don’t add them back, then they won’t be able to see you. You can turn it off at any time and go into “ghost mode” by taping the gear icon in the top left (when viewing the snap map) and then pressing “Ghost mode.”


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