Outsourcing/Hiring Help – Part 3 – Freelancer and Project Based Help – 031

How To Look For A Freelancer

These are some of the websites and applications that can help you find a freelancer for certain specific jobs


  •   A simple, user friendly website that has few simple steps to help you look for a freelancer.
  • Just set up an account, put on the job description you needed, set a certain budget.
  • You can view ratings and reviews of the Freelancers and also view examples of their previous designs.
  • It also gives you the option to set up “checkpoints” and pay a certain amount after part of the project is completed until the whole project is finished and the sum, after added up altogether, equate the payment you and your freelancer have agreed upon.



  • Look for a professional in a certain field and also post job listings and have people contact you to do the project.


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