Keeping Your Kids Safe Online – 039

Almost every kid these days uses social media, either for entertainment or connecting with friends.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to be aware of the dangers lurking in social media sites and protect your kid from it.


Here are my personal tips which i think can help you on how to protect your kids online :

  1. Have an open and honest line of communication with your child – Online or even offline, you should have a healthy communications which means, have your kid be open to you especially about his or her usage of social media. In my opinion, 13 year old and below children should not be allowed to use social media sites that has a chat room. And even the older kids should avoid sites that has an anonymous messaging app.
  2. Understand how your kids are using their app – You should personally learn the apps they are using, so you can guide them how to use it safely. Have your own account, add your kid and also their friends so that you can be updated about their posts. 
  3. Have a random routine phone check – With these, your kid will be discourage to keep secrets on their phone. Also, explain to them that this checking up is for their own good and safety.

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