Is Snapchat Dead? New Snapchat Update Febuary 2018 – 57

So many of us hated this update but don’t give up Snapchat because I have seen amazing results on my Snapchat.


Yes, at first you have to figure out how to move around and how to navigate it but once you got over that 3-day hump, this update on Snapchat wasn’t all that bad. Here’s the reasons why:


  1. My view count grow by 50% – In the past, your stories are strictly chronological. But now, there’s actually an algorithm on Snapchat, so engagement is key. Ask people to swipe up and comment, start conversations with people and daily chats sending back and forth.The more comments and interaction and community your building on Snapchat, the more likely your followers will watch your stories


  1. If you have followers that you don’t follow back – They will be able to watch your stories on the right-hand side where popular and featured stories are and on the left-hand side where your friends’ stories and where you send and receive chat at. This means your chances of getting watched are being doubled.


  1. The ability to see analytics – right now it’s not available on all the accounts. It’s available to what they call, “popular accounts” or accounts creator. It offers you to see what your followers are interested in.


  1. The ability to post to your story from your camera roll without the indented white board – In the past Snapchat only allows you to post native stories or stories that you record on snapchat. If you use something from your camera roll or a nice camera, it will have a white boarder on it and it will be a red flag to all of your followers.


* Pro tip – If you want to post a video longer than 15 seconds, I recommend the app “cut story” it allows you to load in videos and select how short you want them to be trimmed to. 15 seconds for Instagram stories or 10 seconds for Snapchat stories. You can post them one at a time and it will look like a continuous video.


  1. Multiple typing mode – above your keyboard on Snapchat you’ll see a plenty of different options to spice up your text. You can also add more text box.


  1. Add GIFs – Snapchat allows you to add GIFs to your stories.


Cut Story for iOS:


Cut Story for Android:


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