INTERVIEW: 6 Figure Business to Philanthropist with Social Media: Jake Bredard – 019


Jake Bredard,  a self-taught e-commerce expert, philanthropist and the co-owner of answers on how he got to be where he is as a successful entrepreneur.


Some tips he shared:


  • Social Media helps grow your business.
  • Planners helped a lot in organizing schedules.
  • Develop habits to be regularly productive.
  • Have time to relax to be able to rejuvenate and be productive once more.
  • Your passion is your best business. Pick the thing you really want to do.
  • Be driven and have the confidence to do better.
  • Start and do things imperfectly rather than get things already perfect before starting.
  • Embracing the smallness of your company, start small then grow.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to people for help to start your commerce.
  • Go outside your comfort zone.


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