Interview: Jimmy Hays Nelson – How to Tell Your Story – 044

Jimmy Hays Nelson is passionate about helping people live a well-crafted life. Formerly overweight, broke, a three-time college dropout, he used his own story to create a life of freedom. He now teaches people how to do what comes naturally, get compensated for it and feel true significance. Here are his greatest tips for us:

  • Finding something and give it for first two weeks. Take action in the midst of the feeling of not motivated and the universe will bless you the motivation and momentum. Just show up even if you don’t feel like doing it.
  • Embrace the challenge instead of running from it.
  • People are not looking to follow perfection, they want to know where your struggles are and your failures have been and how you are solving it.
  • There are four parts of a good story: where you were, what didn’t you like were you were, what did you find and why are you excited about the future
  • Best lessons are in stories and sharing specific stories, the more specific, the more dynamic where someone can find themselves and have an emotional response.
  • Be consistent and let your audience know that you are going to be live everyday.
  • While education is important, the greatest way to learn anything is just do it.

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