Instagram Success Story: Mom grows Popular Account and Business – 027

Noel Besuzzi (@iMoments) has grown her Instagram account to nearly 20k followers and credits the account for her success and many unique opportunities in commercial photography!

She is a mother of 2 young boys who posts with one intent, to make people smile!

As Social Media Money Makers, one of the best ways to build trust, community, and a following is to provide valuable content! We often think that “valuable” content has to be a product, course, download, or tangible thing with a monetary value, BUT Noel is a perfect example of how valuable happiness can be!

She uses IG stories because they are great for posting multiple adventurous and fun photos without being tied to the pressure to be perfect that comes with the IG Feed!

She shoots and edits most of her posts on her iPhone!

Her favorite editing apps (and my favorite as well) are:





And she takes her water related using an Optrix Case


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