Instagram Stories Highlight and Archive – 048 Part 1

On December 25th 2017, Instagram announced 2 major updates to their Stories feature:

1. Archived Stories – Will be a collection of all the stories that are pictures and videos that you’ve posted to your story saved indefinitely on a private camera roll on Instagram.

2. Highlight Feature – Allows you to select pieces of your instagram stories that are previously existed and put them together into one highlighted stories that will stay permanently on your Instagram profile.

How to Use it on your Brand

Archive Stories – You don’t have to worry on saving post or downloading your stories. It’s like a do-over once we forgot to save our stories.

Highlight Stories – It’s going to be what your new potential follower are going to on click first because they know it’s what you have chosen is the most important.

Right Click here and “Download As” to Save this Episode!

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