Instagram Live Videos – What you need to know – 040

Instagram live is the first social media platform which offers a live broadcast with multiple people which makes it extremely engaging.

  1. You don’t need to worry about comment, shares or views since comments will not appear on live videos and live videos cannot be shared.
  2. You can relax while having your live video. People will understand that your feed is an actual and the raw you. No need to struggle to be professional for your viewers.
  3. Very easy to consume since Instagram live videos appear on top and very likely to be seen first.
  4. Less personal version of facebook live. Your videos will be more likely to be viewed by other potential followers.
  5. Instagram notifies your followers that you are going live and it will help you to gain viewers live on feed.
  6. You need to get right on it. Hook your viewers early in your live posting.
  7. Do a regular Instagram live. In this way, you can practice making live videos and become better on it. It will also build you a consistent viewer since they have already anticipated that you have built a scheduled post of your live videos.
  8. Before going live with anyone, be sure to advise them and schedule together ahead of time.

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