How To Stand Out In Social Media in 2017 with Chalene Johnson – 007

Chalene Johnson guest stars on this episode!

With all the different platforms, how can we stand out in 2017?! Chalene Johnson shares her insight on this hot topic!

Its becoming increasingly hard to make money in social media. Our attention is stretched thin so we have to use new techniques to gain people interest!

Curiosity marketing, the practice of leaving gaps and creating interest for content/products/services leads to more curiosity and thus more sales!

Chalene argues that we have become too much of a copy cat world in Social Media Marketing. She notes the “White Noise Effect” as  leading challenge for content creators in 2017.

Her top 3 tips for standing out are:

1. borrowed words are for the birds

2. don’t tell me the you are about to sell me

3. likes wear thin, questions get the win

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