How to Build Email Lists – 041

8 Quick Ways to Build an Email List :

  1. Freemium – is a term used to offer some kind of advice or valuable content for free in exchange for their email.
  2. Newsletters – are recaps are summaries of what you have posted on social media that your followers can access anytime on their emails.
  3. Having an update page and ask for emails for alerts or newsflash for a certain event.
  4. Directly asking people for their email and manually input it in your contact/email list.
  5. Offering give-aways, prizes or rewards.
  6. Giving away your email on social media and asking interested people in partaking on giving advices for your future business.
  7. Build an actual relationship online. Gaining trust and eventually asking them their email addresses.
  8. Sign up sheets in a physical event.


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