How I Became an Entrepreneur – 014

My Story


My Parents: They owned a fitness apparel and fitness certification company, my mom was the face of the brand.

My Mom: She transitioned  during my early teen years from someone who just focused on fitness to someone who was focused on the whole self so she became a life coach and entrepreneur coach she helps business owners grow their brand online.

My Dad: He is behind the scenes, the numbers guy, the math guy. The one who’s going to figure out if he’s crazy dreams that my mom is having are actually tangibly possible and he’s also always been a football coach he played football in high school college and the pros.


When I was young: Growing up, I was not an entrepreneur kid, I was just a kid who loves to play sports. My life revolve in Football because that’s what my grampa, my uncle, my dad and I knew. I feel like one of the reasons I’m successful in business is because I played sports as a young kid so I feel like being in so many team environments and and so many competitive environments growing up it taught me to work hard to not give up to persevered all those.

I haven’t lost and I hope I never lose that love for sports I’m still college athlete right now I play quarterback at U.C. Davis go Aggies So I’ve actually learned how to balance having a social life being a kid playing sports and pursuing my passion of owning my own business.


My businesses: I’ve owned my own business on and off since the age of seven now I wouldn’t call my seven year old business necessarily a business by any real sense of the word.

D.G Helmet: At seven, was a helmet that kids could wear when they went out and rode their bike and it would have an alarm clock on it and a way for them to Bluetooth and talk to their parents.

Artwork: I would draw portraits of my classmates and would sell it back to them for 10 cents.

Lace My Kicks For Christmas: At the age of 9, I would say I started my real business. My parents got me a boobook that explained different ways to creatively tie your shoes different ways, to weave and braid your shoelaces together to make all designs. I started doing this on my own shoes and my friends started asking me and I thought, like, I could charge my classmates to customize their shoes however they want. I made flyers I went around to local businesses I even went to some of the local malls and went to shoe stores and tried. Pitched the idea to them as a service that they could add on so whenever someone bought a new pair of shoes. They also had the option to have me customize the shoelaces for them. Most of the shoe companies I went to shut me down because I was nine years old and so that business eventually died out.

Power Balance Brock: I was a distributor for power balance for two years.I turned being a distributor into owning my own business was I customize the wrist band. So again, I offered a unique service that I would add rhinestones to your power wristband for about ten dollars more. I was actually able to sell to people online, I even had one order of over three hundred wristbands that was basically my going out of business sale because after that sale I decided to cash out and save all the money that I had made so far with power balance.

The Story of UnwrapSnap: My mom had flew out to D.C. to visit me hang out with me for the weekend and we stayed up till two in the morning one night just talking about business talking about ideas talking about possible ventures. The whole night we were Snapchatting, we were having so much fun playing with the different features on Snapchat and I had realized that I had taught her so much about Snapchat in a few months and since she was already a businesswoman and a big social media influencer, she was now using Snapchat for her business. I had another lightbulb moment this time I realized that I could teach parents how to keep their kids safe on social media that is how unwraps nap was born.

At the beginning of 2017,  this is the real time the UnwrapSnap took off. There are a few reasons why I was as successful as I was in such a short amount of time with UnswrapSnap.

“There’s never going to be a perfect time to do anything and if you spend your whole life making excuses waiting for the perfect timing for the planets to be aligned just right then you’re never going to achieve everything you want to achieve your intimacy opportunity the reason.”

During the time of my launch, and during the time I was growing my business, I was also doing basically an internship for my parents. I was going to their headquarters every day which isn’t what it sounds, like, it’s not cubicles, it’s a super fun apartment style environment with a bunch of other creative on Chopra newer people who work for my parents but also work for themselves and I was able to be surrounded by so much creativity and business knowledge on a daily basis I was also tasked with combing through my mom’s marketing impact Academy.

I was able to soak in so much knowledge because I had to pay attention and write down every word she was saying. I was blown away by the results I was seeing and by the end of the three or four month period, I had over four hundred students in my academy on UnwrapSnap. Then UnwrapSnap evolved into a Snapchat for a business course I begin teaching entrepreneurs’ how they could grow their brand business and following with Snapchat.

“I set a goal for myself to never have a boss. I want to work for myself. My passion for never having a boss doesn’t come from wanting to make a ton of money, but rather just to have the freedom to be able to be a good dad and be with my kids and be able to do what I want and travel and pursue my passions. Being an entrepreneur for me isn’t about wealth of currency, it’s about wealth of life. I want to live the good life whatever that is, whatever it is I’m passionate about. I want to pursue that I want to follow it I want to dive deep into whatever it is that is exciting to me.”

“All the miracles that happen in the world, you gotta believe in something so no matter what it is you believe in“

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you is to just take a breath and realize that things aren’t always going to go exactly as we planned, but instead of being upset or disappointed, I think we should be thankful because there’s a greater purpose and a greater reason why things happen the way they do. So, whatever it is the you’re passionate about starting but the little voices in your head are holding you back, just start the “Never give up! fight for it!”  If you’re passionate about it, let that show and use that passion as motivation to keep going and if things don’t go according to plan you can know they’re going according to a higher purpose.

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