Follow Hashtags on Instagram – 048 Part 2

Across all social medias, you’ll be able to follow other users, subscribe to them or add them as friends but never before have you been able to follow hashtags. This is the new feature of Instagram recently rolled out. Just go to your Instagram explore page and press search at the top and press tags and search any hashtags you like. Once you follow a hashtag, you’ll slowly begin to see post from that hashtag on your normal feed along with the people you follow. Typically, the top 9 posts from that hashtag that are doing well. Here are some tips that can revolutionize your business with it:

– You need to have a list of strategic hashtag (28-29 on your post)
– Find the right hashtag of your specific niche of hashtag for posts to rank
– If a hashtag has more than a hundred post or is getting post frequently or trending, it might be a good one to incorporate to your hashtag list.
– Use 10 hashtags to your stories every time you post. You can slide these hashtags on the side until it’s no longer visible on the screen or you can pinch your fingers together so it gets so small that’s not even visible.


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