Finding Balance and Making a Profit with Reina Pomeroy – Interview – 046

Reina Pomeroy is the founder of Reina and Company the life and business success coaching practice for creatives who are rightbrain and heart centered. She’s a coach, speaker, podcaster and author of the book “Big Plan for Creative Mind”. She’s also a co-host “My Creative Empire” podcast to educate new entrepreneurs.

Here are her tips on life and business:

Managing a busy life
– To get really clear on what your life priorities are and make sure that you make sure that you make room for those things.
– Block schedule and make time for things. Try not to multi-task as much as you can so you can be in the zone on what you’re doing.

Reaching out to people and try to grow business and make profit on it.

– You have to be sold on your value. If you know what value you’re offering to the world, then it’s easier for you to talk about it because you know how you can change somebody’s life, help them and save their time. Profiting and serving happened all the same time as long as you know what that value is.

How to grow your brand on social media

– Talk to your client and fulfill their needs and as long as you do that, you’ll grow your impact by showcasing what you want to do to help them.

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