Facebook Live – 10 Tips – 009

Going Live on Facebook can be hard! I’ve recently conquered the fear, and became much more comfortable on live broadcasts!

Here are my top 10 Tips:

1.  Relax – Take a breathe! Chances are, you won’t have a huge amount of people watching live! If a small live audience makes you sleep easier, keep it in mind! Also – no one is perfect! No one is expecting you to be mistake free!

2. Quiet Time – Be okay with pausing, taking a breath, or taking a second to gather your thoughts! Its okay to not fill every second with speaking!

3. Start at the Start – Don’t wait for viewers! As soon as the Live begins, Start your introduction and get to the content!

4. Encourage Engagement – Ask questions! Get people to comment! Here’s an episode of SMMM about getting more comments and engagement! Once you start getting comments, try not to look at them or you’ll be distracted! Look into the Camera Eye to make eye contact with your viewers and you’ll avoid seeing the comments!

5. You’ll have more people watch after the Live – Keep this in mind when asking questions! Cater to your rewatch audience as much as your Live audience!

6. Plan, but don’t script – Make an outline! But don’t try to memorize a script! Tip: Tape your notes over your screen!

7. Attach Engagement to something – Ask for a specific # of shares or comments before announcing something or sharing content!

8. CTA – You don’t NEED a Call To Action, but you SHOULD have one! Give a “next step” for your followers!

9. Thumbnail – using the desktop version of Facebook, you can upload your own thumbnail for the Live video! Create an attention grabbing thumbnail (the picture that people see as a preview before watching your Live)! Add text, increase saturation (make the colors pop), increase contrast (make the objects stand out), and make eye contact with the camera!!

10. Go comment – go back into the comments section and engage + like people comments!

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