Converting Followers into Customers – 050

Just because your followers double tap your photo or swipe up on a snapchat story, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to pay money and become a customer.

  • Growth is not just customer and follower, it an a-z process and it’s all about convincing your followers why your business is worth it to invest in to.
  • Testimonials, samples, product reviews much easier to show and convince someone that you or your product is worth the investment.
  • Sell yourself by telling your story to gain your followers trust.

5 Major Ways to Do to Convince and Convert your Followers to be Customers:

1. Be consistent – You have to be consistent in posting, scheduling, theme, brand and message. It builds likeability and trustworthyness.

2. Be honest – You have to be authentic because people can see if you are just selling them product.

3. Be generous – You need to have a giving mindset and ask yourself what you can do for your followers.

4. You need to be beneficial – give away beneficial to your followers. IF they can see their life improving in that category for free, they are more likely to help you when you ask for it.

5. Be patient – It takes time and your followers need time to become your customer.

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