Confidence and Going Viral – Nicole Walters Interview – 036

Nicole Walters is the founder of The Monetized Life, a product development consulting firm, who is a very energetic woman that exudes confidence in her social media site. Here are her biggest tips:

Things that goes viral :

  • The most authentic video of yourself
  • Controversial/Hot conversational issues
  • Something that everyone can relate to

Lessons that we get when getting viral :

  • On personal level, you will surely be judged by other people/viewers. Some feedbacks may be good, and some will not be. But always be confident with yourself. 
  • On the business side, going viral is never bad. It will be free publicity for you, and any publicity is good publicity.
  • In doing videos and/or broadcasting, never forget to have an intro. That way it can be your trademark and people can easily find or distinguish your videos.

You can have more of Nicole Walters at :

Instagram : Napturalnicole


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