BONUS: 15 Live Video Ideas – B001

Here are my top 15 ideas for going Live:

1. Poll – Get your audiences opinion on a widely known topic

2. Advice – Ask your audience for help

3. Product Reviews – Be helpful, not salesy!

4. BTS – Behind the scenes!

5. Good morning – Your morning routine

6. Scripture/Book Reading – Follow this with an discussion on it

7. Hygiene/Beauty hack – Simple is better

8. Home Organization – How you stay organized in life

9. Cooking – Demonstrate a recipe

10. Scheduling – How you manage your busy life

11. Tech/Software/Website Tips – Show your audience your computer screen

12. Happiness/Gratitude/Thankfulness – Share the positivity!

13. Elaboration – Talk about a recent post and elaborate on the meaning

14. Review a fitness program/workout – Pro’s, Con’s, and Triumphs

15. Share New Knowledge – what did you learn from a recent book? Live event? class?

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