Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency $$$ What is it & How can I invest? – 047


Are lines of computer codes that hold monetary value, created by high performance computer. It’s a digital currency, a form of digital public money created by mathematical computations and is policed by millions of computer users called miners.Crypto currencies are trying to eliminate the need of centralized bank or organization where you get your money from and it can’t be shut down because it’s not controlled by group and it’s extremely unlikely to be hacked. Here are common concerns about bitcoins:

1. Scams – Bitcoins shouldn’t be bought on just anywhere. There are secure ways of buying and trading bitcoins.

2. Bitcoins are used to buy illegal things from the black market or dark web – all money can be used to buy illegal things but Bitcoin is untraceable so it can be purchased on dark web, deep web.

3. Federal banks and private banks are not a fan of Bitcoin – people are worried by regulations and taxes but Bitcoin can’t be stopped.

Coin Base – App that can be downloaded in any smartphone. It’s trusted and secured.

Ways to pay on Coin Base

credit card or debit card – coinbase limits you $700/week if you trading with these two.

Bank account – but you have to go through a verification process for your identification.

To get referral code and be able to get coinbase app and $10 in cryptocurrency credit when you spend your first $100:


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