Be More Productive With Your iPhone – 006

Our phones can become major stressors and time-wasters! In this episode, I share my tips for cleaning up your digital life!

Don’t be a digital hoarder!

It’s time for a spring cleaning of your apps!

6 Steps to Phone Freedom:

1. Delete apps –  delete the apps that you never use AND the time wasters that you use way too often! I’m talking to you, candy crushers!!

2. Create folders – move apps that are rarely used (and apps that you physically can’t delete) into folders!

3. Bottom row – pick your top 4 apps (non-social media apps) and put them as your bottom row! Mine are messages, camera, music, and safari!

4. Social Medias – move all of your Social Media Apps top your first page!

5. Move all folders and excess apps to page 2 – page #1 should not be crowded!

6. Screensaver – pick a plain, simple, non-distracting, calming, home screen!

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