How to Use and Grow with Instagram Stories – 004

Instagram Stories is the fastest growing social media feature of 2017! And its only going to grow!

In this episode, I’ll explain the basics of IG Stories!

Insta Stories are the bubbles at the top of your Insta feed! You can watch the story by tapping on the bubble! You can also pause them by folding down on the screen!

Swiping to the right you’ll see the Instagram Stories Camera! This is where you can take pictures or videos for your IG Stories! You can also press the button in the bottom left to post anything saved within the last 24 hours to your Insta Story!

If you made a video over 24 hours ago and want to post it you can use:

iMovie and VideoCrop, resave the content, then post!

IG stories should be posted in portrait mode (Vertical Video) BUT if you want to post a landscape video (Horizontal video) then I recommend adding a white boarder using Squaready!

5 possible uses for IG Stories:

1. Vlog – like snapchat!

2. Urgency – They only last for 24 hours! Any discount, deal, content, or information that your share on your Instagram story is only available for a limited time!

3. Elaboration/Exploitation – Expanding upon a post in video form OR drawing attention to a new post!

4. Premade Content – Sharing content you’ve already made for IG, Snap, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter!

5. COMBINING ALL 4! This is the kind of Instagram story that you should shoot for!

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