Biggest Snapchat Mistakes – 003

Here are the top 9* things you are doing wrong on snapchat!

  1. Go Public – In you snap settings, under who can… have View My Story and Contact me set to EVERYONE!
  2. Poor Audio – Keep in mind background noice, echoing, AND that pesky pinky finger covering the mic!
  3. Poor Lighting – Use natural lighting or the Front Facing Flash feature on snap to brighten your face while speaking on snap!
  4. Poor Video Quality – Most smartphones film in HD, but sure to clean of your lense before filming! Make up smudges are often the culprit of burry video! Also – look directly into the camera “eye” while snapping!
  5. Talking to “Everyone” – Its far less personal when you address your followers as “everyone,” “y’all,” “everybody,” or “guys.” Keep one person in mind and speak as if you are talking to them!
  6. Over Snapping – With the new 60 second snap update, we might have the tendency to overshare! if you are snapping over 50 times in one sitting, this may be too much. Try making the long story a Facebook Live or Youtube video instead!
  7. Under Snapping – You should be posting at least 11 snaps per day onto your Story! Don’t be inconsistent!
  8. Boring Snaps – By boring, I mean any content that serves no purpose. Snaps of your pets or selfies with a bunny filter don’t serve your audience!
  9. Selling – The biggest mistake I see new business owners making on snapchat is direct selling! Don’t sell to me! Instead, talk to me like a normal human being!

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